I’ve lived my entire life in the Pacific Northwest, in Seattle, Washington. Growing up I developed a hard working attitude that made me try my best at home, in the classroom and on athletic fields. This helped me get into the University of Washington (UW) where I was confident that I would succeed and enjoy once I figured out what I was really interested in.

During my first two years I maintained good grades but struggled to find the career path I wanted to follow. I bounced between engineering and medicine thinking that those careers would satisfy my interests in math, science, medicine and desire to improve people’s lives. An introductory computer programming class combined with a seminar class helped me finally realize that I could impact a diverse range of fields with the programming and quantitative tools I had learned.

Experiences outside of the classroom ended up having the largest impact on me while at UW. My introduction to academic research and the field of microbiology came while volunteering in the Environmental Engineering Laboratory at UW. I contributed to really interesting flu and zika evolution and epidemiology research while interning with the Bedford Lab, which advanced my programming skills and microbiology knowledge. These experiences partnered with really amazing mentors helped guide me through UW and to my next step as a Post-Bachelor Fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Career Goals

My career goal is to find ways to help improve the world’s health. I hope to use my quantitative, computational and science tools to accomplish this goal. There are so many different people and groups that are working to improve people’s lives; I want to make my own mark alongside them.


Check out a pdf of my resume here.

Code I used to make it is here

Purpose of Website

As a part of the Interdisciplinary Honors program I was required to create a portfolio of my undergraduate experience but this website has become much more for me. This project has allowed me to reflect more on my education and career, while documenting it for myself, family and possible employers. I later added a Notebook section mainly for my own benefit to track my projects, reading and interests.

Creation of the Website

This website was initially created by forking Dr. Trevor Bedford’s website. I changed the website layout and style for my own uses. This project allowed me to expand my programming skills to web design by learning the basics of HTML and CSS.